Informed Decisions works with analysts around the world, all of them experienced in Financial and Real Options modelling. The firm is managed by:

Manuel Werner Ph.D.: Manuel is the managing partner of Informed Decisions. He has over 15 years experience in the application of advanced tools to the development, valuation and risk management of investment strategies. He has held senior management positions at companies in several different industries and, most recently, was Real Options Valuation practice leader in the Valuation group at the world's largest professional services firm. Dr. Werner has worked with firms across all industrial sectors, helping them articulate and value investment projects within an explicit Risk Management framework. He has advised Oil and Gas, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Transportation, High Technology, Manufacturing and others. His project work has included Greenhouse Gas Reduction strategies, Environmental Compliance strategies, Mergers & Acquisitions, New Products, Research and Development Assessments, New Installation investments and many more.

Informed Decisions also has a close working relationships with:

Christopher J. Dalton: Chris is CEO and co-founder of Syncopation Software which develops, supports and markets DPL™, the most powerful and flexible Decision Tree software on the market, used for Real OptionValuation. He has led many ROV projects across a variety of industrial sectors, including Pharmaceuticals, Electric Power, Oil & Gas and others. Chris' most recent work with Informed Decisions was on a True Risk Valuation™ of a major Liquid Natural Gas investment project.

Jamie Winterhalt: Jaime has more than 20 years experience with large corporations, implementing systems technologies. He has worked primarily with the marketing and sales organizations in telecom and financial services. Jamies strengths are in design and implementation and he has completed several projects at one of the worlds largest financial institutions, which resulted in business growth of over 100%. Jamie has a B.Math and an MBA.